Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's September

Today is the 1st day of September. I hope you have enjoyed the Summer weather as the sunshine has been great and it truly has been a "one of a kind" season. Now if the Mariner's had a chance to get into the playoffs . . . Oh well, it was a great Summer.
I always love September weather and as we transition into a new season, I wanted to remind you and reach out to you that now is SUCH a good time to buy or sell a home. Rates are low; they are probably going to have to raise the rates in a few short months but not too much, I believe. Prices are relative and the buyers are really coming out! You can sell and buy in a relative market. By that I mean, there is time to think, get your home sold and lock up a great price on your next real estate purchase. It is still a challenging lender climate, but I have a team of professionals that will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals. There is also the first time buyer $8,000 tax credit that will definitely not be available next year. That deal expires in November!
I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have. To get a feel for the value of your home, give me a ring or shoot me an e-mail to assess where your home fits into the current market. We can get together then and discuss YOUR goals and objectives. You can always ring me @ 206-799-2891. Cheers!!!
ps: the photo above is a listing of mine that SOLD in 2 DAYS!!!

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